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Our group classes for November were in such high demand that they were filled 3.5 weeks early. Our next class is starting Saturday, August 25th at 8 AM for Gilbert. If you are interested, enroll early!!See Group classes! for more information or to enroll your dog.

Welcome to the homepage of our world wide outreach. Our reason for being is about keeping dogs and their owners together. Nancy Herbert, owner of Smartk9 Academy, used to own a very large dog training company. It was getting too large and too impersonal, so she sold it and started Smartk9 Academy. We would like to keep it small and pay more attention to our clients. Our training techniques are time tested on more than 21,000 of our clients dogs since 1976, including dogs trained for Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Cardinals players, six feature length television and motion picture productions, and dozens of television commercials. Our trainers, were trained here locally and use non -evasive techniques. We are in business to help people with problems they may have with their dogs, in order for the dog to remain a happy family member. We receive calls daily from people that need to find homes for their dogs only because they lack training or the owner failed to do the proper things with them when they were younger. Most things can be fixed. Aggression, separation anxiety, pulling, chewing, digging, housebreaking, barking, and more can be tamed or stopped through our program! To find out more click here! Up to 50% of our business is now from referrals either of past clients or Veterinarians. If you would like some referrals from you area, of any other information, call us. Also, anyone can learn to be a dog trainer in four months or less at our Academy. For more information on becoming a dog trainer call 480-415-4656 in Arizona or see below for details listed under "Instructor Program".

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